Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Affordable Adventure

It is time for an affordable adventure guys! Book yourself some free time on Friday and head for Orlando Towers for a half-price Bungee Jump. This is giveaway fun at a bargain price.

You will be met by a guide, and take by the open-air lift to a stage just 3m from the very tip-most top of that tall tower. From there you step onto the floating stairway which is a bonus thrill on it’s own. Then onto the sky-bridge suspended about 100m above the ground. Superb views of Soweto will be yours from up high. You will be safely harnessed by experienced bungee technicians and then it is time for you to take the jump. Rapunzel’s fellow did it without all the safety regulations, rest assured if he made it you will too.

So click now to make your booking before all the slots are taken. If you thought the economic crunch had spoiled your fun, think again. You can enjoy this affordable adventure just R240-00, this Friday the 18th September 2009 only.

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