Friday, 4 September 2009

Snake Adventure

A Safari with a difference is what you get when you book a snake adventure with Mike Perry of African Reptile and Venom Safaris. Mike has been a reptile enthusiast since 1963. At ten years old he began to bag these creatures and so began a lifelong passion. To date Mike has been hosted in various wildlife shows. Meet him in person as you search together for reptiles to photograph.

We live in a country where all outdoor adventures have the added edge of possibly coming upon a fierce reptile. It is sensible to know something about snakes so that you know how to handle such confrontations. Mike offers practical hands-on courses which will give you the ability to identify the brutes from the babes. This is a must for hikers, birders and mountain climbers to name a few. Whether you have a passion for these beings is irrelevant, they are a fact of life for anyone adventuring in South Africa so be powerful in your knowledge.

African Reptiles and Venom Safaris include Snakebite treatment in their course content. So be prepared. Life is an adventure better enjoyed by those who are well prepared. Know your snakes and please train your game rangers for snake adventures you can survive to remember!

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Francis Bell said...

Thanks for the GREAT blog!!! Wonderful pictures , really enjoyed it,especially when I can't go myself,I can see it here-Francis