Thursday, 29 October 2009

Water Sport Action

We live in a country geared for awesome water sport action. From McDougall’s Bay to Rocktail Bay, South Africa has a 2800km long stunningly scenic coastline for water sport adventurers to splash in. Water baby heaven is a place on earth! The great climate we enjoy provides plenty of sun soaked days to pursue scuba-diving, fishing, sailing, spear-gun fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, kite-boarding and surfing.

If the salty sea gets too much you can head inland for freshwater sports on a river, lake or dam. Dabble in some fly-fishing for delicious rainbow trout or chase rapids white-water river rafting. Waterskiing is popular, along with windsurfing and canoeing at most dams. Follow this with a boat cruise while you watch the sun sink behind a gorgeous African horizon and share big stories about your incredibly big catch.

For the more competitive, join a club or find a seasoned paddler and train-up for the famous Duzi Canoe Marathon challenge. There are numerous qualifying races to test your metal before the great 3 day race. Catch one of a number of multi-event challenges around the country, especially suitable if you have less time to commit to the serious training schedule required to build fitness for the Duzi Canoe Marathon. Visit Adventure Escapades to select your water sport action and book a healthy dose of adventure for the weekend.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Land Adventures

Visiting South Africa or holidaying here, there is a wide variety of land adventures for all. We have 30 categories for you to select your play place from. With adventures for complete novices all the way through to the experienced fundis.

Whether you enjoy the outdoor beauty of this country at a gentle walk taking in birdlife and scenery or at a hectic breathless gallop, we’ll have what you are looking for. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, we will do our absolute best to find it. With the biggest network of adventure listings in South Africa we are geared up for the task!

Archery, Big Swings, Canopy Tours, we have the ABC of adventure available to you at the click of your mouse. So ease back, gulp in some huge breaths and book yourself a taste of this smorgasbord of action treats before you nod off in front of the screen! This vast and beautifully contrasting landscape that is South Africa has land adventures for everyone.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Big African Sky Adventures

We have one of the most satisfying climates for big African sky adventures in the world. In the Cape you’ll be blessed with dry blue sky summers and if your play place is in the air you can move up to KwaZulu-Natal where most of our mild winters come with blue sky days.

You may be up for the most exciting thrill of skydiving with local experts available to train you up for a thrilling solo jump. Extremely high on the excitement chart is flying in a fighter jet plane, these flights come in at between 40 minutes and an hour so you can almost squeeze one in a lunch break. What a way to boost your flagging energy levels for the afternoon.

If a more leisurely pace is what fits you best, try gliding in various forms or ballooning, the gentlemen’s choice with a champagne picnic on hand. Whatever your pleasure chasing these big African sky adventures will be totally rewarding in this gorgeous land of contrasts.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Adventure Seekers

Adventure seekers know that adrenalin is that clever little stimulating hormone secreted by the adrenal glands to give you a feeling of euphoria. At Adventure Escapades we know that holidaymakers, tourists and frequent adventurers all want their action activities to be easily accessible whether is in or on the Water, on Land or up above in the Air . Mix these elements together and you will have a mutually satisfying alliance.

We hook the visitors to our site up with the activity provider of their choice in the area they want to chase their chosen pursuit. South Africa is a large country so especially for overseas tourists this site is a fabulous tool which will help them to get in touch with the most suitable venue for their thrill fulfilment without traipsing to each corner of our gorgeous country in a limited amount of time. We think each corner is worthy of exploration but we recommend that you take time to savour all the experiences on offer. Crashing through at a breakneck speed is not best, although for the severely jaded it could be an entrepreneur’s gap for a new weird and whacky listing.

To get back on track, we at Adventure Escapades are there for you if you get lost and cannot find your way in this mixed up world we can set you up with some fun to put the spunk back into your life. For spills and thrills we hope that if you have read this you will save this website as a favourite and share this key to adventure satisfaction with you fellow adventure seekers.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wild Five Adventure

Head to KwaZulu-Natal and to discover the Wild Five Adventure experience. Take the N2 south and twelve kilometres after Port Shepstone, head inland towards the Oribi Gorge Hotel. You will enjoy easy access to a healthy spread of action while being comfortably accommodated and entertained.

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve offers stunning vistas to restore body, mind, soul and those aching muscles when the action is over. You may delight in a picnic beside the river. Other treats in store will include sighting common reedbuck, bushbuck, oribi and duiker. Very fortunate visitors have also sighted leopard. Whilst eyeballing the trees for a large cat you will notice some of the 250 odd bird species in this area.

Abseiling, white water rafting, wild slide, wild swing, hiking trails and bike trails as well as a beach just 20 kilometres away are all available to satiate your appetite for the total Wild Five adventure.