Thursday, 15 October 2009

Big African Sky Adventures

We have one of the most satisfying climates for big African sky adventures in the world. In the Cape you’ll be blessed with dry blue sky summers and if your play place is in the air you can move up to KwaZulu-Natal where most of our mild winters come with blue sky days.

You may be up for the most exciting thrill of skydiving with local experts available to train you up for a thrilling solo jump. Extremely high on the excitement chart is flying in a fighter jet plane, these flights come in at between 40 minutes and an hour so you can almost squeeze one in a lunch break. What a way to boost your flagging energy levels for the afternoon.

If a more leisurely pace is what fits you best, try gliding in various forms or ballooning, the gentlemen’s choice with a champagne picnic on hand. Whatever your pleasure chasing these big African sky adventures will be totally rewarding in this gorgeous land of contrasts.

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