Thursday, 29 October 2009

Water Sport Action

We live in a country geared for awesome water sport action. From McDougall’s Bay to Rocktail Bay, South Africa has a 2800km long stunningly scenic coastline for water sport adventurers to splash in. Water baby heaven is a place on earth! The great climate we enjoy provides plenty of sun soaked days to pursue scuba-diving, fishing, sailing, spear-gun fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, kite-boarding and surfing.

If the salty sea gets too much you can head inland for freshwater sports on a river, lake or dam. Dabble in some fly-fishing for delicious rainbow trout or chase rapids white-water river rafting. Waterskiing is popular, along with windsurfing and canoeing at most dams. Follow this with a boat cruise while you watch the sun sink behind a gorgeous African horizon and share big stories about your incredibly big catch.

For the more competitive, join a club or find a seasoned paddler and train-up for the famous Duzi Canoe Marathon challenge. There are numerous qualifying races to test your metal before the great 3 day race. Catch one of a number of multi-event challenges around the country, especially suitable if you have less time to commit to the serious training schedule required to build fitness for the Duzi Canoe Marathon. Visit Adventure Escapades to select your water sport action and book a healthy dose of adventure for the weekend.

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