Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Simons Town Sea Kayak Tours

Simons Town Sea Kayak Tours will provide you with the addictive opportunity to enjoy paddling the coastline with an excellent guide. If you need tips to improve you paddle power Derek is most willing to drop in some coaching quips to assist. The scenery on view from the kayaks is phenomenal and those endearing penguins make it even more memorable.

This really is action sport that can accommodate most people, in fact 99% of Derek’s customers have never paddled before! PLUS you can catch a breather on the peaceful beach to rest your muscles. If you want something more extreme book the kayak surfing trip and test your strength. Basically if you can manage a 2 hour walk and weigh not more than around 110kg you are in. Even 10 year olds can cope, but we like younger kids to have an adult in the kayak with them. These are massively stable kayaks and over a year there are maybe three people who make a splash mainly as a result of too much horseplay!

Kayaking around Simons Town can be enjoyed year round. Summer is warmer but winter offers abundant clear calm water days and a better chance of whale spotting. Rainy weather does not keep us off the water but if the wind really gets going we do reconsider. So book with Simons Town Sea Kayak Tours and you could spot penguins, seals, cormorants, terns, gulls and sometimes even the remarkable oystercatcher

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