Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Adventure Sports Season

This has got to be tops, finally the Christmas Adventure Sports Season has arrived! We are off and will return in January 2010. We will be equally enthusiastic, since 2010 promises to present even more exciting new adventures.

The weather is great and water sport action will be high on many Christmas wish lists. It is not too late to wrap an adventure for your favourite person to enjoy in January. Simply select a gift from the many available and book online, so simple! We seriously suggest that you book for yourself as giving a little of your time will make any adventure gift doubly precious.

We wish you a Jolly Good Christmas and all the best for 2010. Keep the adrenalin flowing this Christmas Adventure Sports Season with Adventure Escapades.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

Find the utopia of adventure at Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy! This is it! The highest commercial jump, situated 216 meters above the Bloukrans River on the Garden Route in the Western Province, South Africa. Seasoned staff will walk you to the jump platform in a full body harness, count you down and after you have heard all their pointers, away you go!

You will love this pendulum bungy system which delivers the smoothest, most comfortable jump achievable.

If this is not enough book today for the double rush! Combine the bungy experience with the Flying Fox, a 200m cable slide. Commonly known in South African as a Foofie slide. If you begin with this you will find it ends at the point where you begin your bungy, smooth planning indeed. If not the Flying fox is a great standalone experience too. Have it your way both or either one. The action begins at Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Adventure Above the Clouds

With W1ngs Charter Services you can enjoy an awesome adventure above the clouds. We have it on expert authority that air taxis are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and with the FIFA Soccer World Cup event heading our way in 177 days you had best have some smart travel plans arranged.

W1ngs will get you to more than 4000 destinations around the world without the nightmare of long queues, cramped seats and plastic food! Design your life the way you deserve it and enjoy your business or family more by arriving where you need to b, relaxed, refreshed and rearing for action.

This is a simple process, much like booking a taxi cab. W1ngs will keep your path smoothed from take-off right up to the chauffeur driven vehicle which can deliver you to the doorstep of your chosen arrival point. If your New Year’s resolutions include better laid better plans and stylish travel, book today for you Adventure Above the Clouds.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Dream Helicopter Adventure

A Dream Helicopter Adventure has got to be at the top of the heap if you rate adventure activities by prestige. Prestige aside, you can ask a 5 year-old adventurer in training if he’d like to fly in a helicopter for Christmas and his answer will be YES!

Say YES to your dream adventure too. The holiday season is the right time for an adventure, when faced with an empty day, simply visit Adventure Escapades and fill all the yawning gaps with exhilarating action. Life is for living. Live it passionately and spoil yourself with the ultimate action experience on board this iconic huey helicopter!

This is a well loved machine with a colourful history that extends from Vietnam to Alabama and continues here at the Cape Town Waterfront! Meet the huey that has completed more than one mission impossible. This tough guy will show your views from the sky that you will never forget. Open right through the festive season, except for Christmas Day, your Dream Helicopter Adventure is waiting to be enjoyed at The Huey Helicopter Co.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pilanesberg Elephant-back Safaris

You will get more than a jolly ride perched on top of a beast somewhat too large to straddle comfortably when you book your adventure at Pilanesberg Elephant-back Safaris. This is home to an adoring family of Elephant who have grown accustomed to a high level of interaction with mankind. These massive yet gentle beasts may well steal your heart away so be prepared for touching more than an elephant!

As you see these elephant relate to humans, you will understand the meaning of trust in ways you had not previously imagined. These are magical and mysterious creatures capable of such destruction yet equally able to be gentle and humble. You will feel the spirit of Africa when you visit these huge creatures.

To be so graceful when you weigh in at around 7000kg plus is an admirable accomplishment! Game viewing from such an enviable perch has tremendous appeal and as their gait is reasonably steady you will have moments to capture some stunning photographs. Choose the elephant-back safari, elephant experience or both and learn about the amazing relationships that can be nurtured in Africa against all odds! Book with Pilanesberg Elephant-back Safaris today for a holiday adventure to brag about!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sagarmatha Adventure

A sublimely suitable way to explore the gorgeous regions at the foot of Monks Cowl in the Drakensberg is on horseback with Sagarmatha. For many years inhabitants of these parts have travelled on horseback by necessity and you can too, for the pleasure. Venture into delightful forests and traverse the expansive grasslands all the while simply soaking up the dramatic panoramic views.

Bushmen’s art and a visit to a traditional Zulu village can be organized. So while the upcoming holiday is for relaxing and in the summertime that pool at your resort will have huge appeal, do book for an early morning sojourn or afternoon gaiter. Go deeper. Why spend your holiday tip-toeing on the edges, embrace the gap away from technology to meet and share with local folk at all levels. This is a more adventurous way to enjoy your holiday and will leave you culturally enriched, more knowledgeable and in many cases so much more appreciative of the comforts you enjoy daily when you return home!

Mountain bikers and keen hikers can be entertained with combination tours to their liking. We can take 5 to 105 year olds so ease the tension of a family Christmas with an outride, a new perspective and bountiful fresh air. For strong Bashoto horses, comfortable English saddles and a trail designed for novice riders or dab hand horsemen and horsewomen, book with Sagarmatha today.