Thursday, 17 December 2009

Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy

Find the utopia of adventure at Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy! This is it! The highest commercial jump, situated 216 meters above the Bloukrans River on the Garden Route in the Western Province, South Africa. Seasoned staff will walk you to the jump platform in a full body harness, count you down and after you have heard all their pointers, away you go!

You will love this pendulum bungy system which delivers the smoothest, most comfortable jump achievable.

If this is not enough book today for the double rush! Combine the bungy experience with the Flying Fox, a 200m cable slide. Commonly known in South African as a Foofie slide. If you begin with this you will find it ends at the point where you begin your bungy, smooth planning indeed. If not the Flying fox is a great standalone experience too. Have it your way both or either one. The action begins at Face Adrenalin, Bloukrans Bridge Bungy.

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