Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sagarmatha Adventure

A sublimely suitable way to explore the gorgeous regions at the foot of Monks Cowl in the Drakensberg is on horseback with Sagarmatha. For many years inhabitants of these parts have travelled on horseback by necessity and you can too, for the pleasure. Venture into delightful forests and traverse the expansive grasslands all the while simply soaking up the dramatic panoramic views.

Bushmen’s art and a visit to a traditional Zulu village can be organized. So while the upcoming holiday is for relaxing and in the summertime that pool at your resort will have huge appeal, do book for an early morning sojourn or afternoon gaiter. Go deeper. Why spend your holiday tip-toeing on the edges, embrace the gap away from technology to meet and share with local folk at all levels. This is a more adventurous way to enjoy your holiday and will leave you culturally enriched, more knowledgeable and in many cases so much more appreciative of the comforts you enjoy daily when you return home!

Mountain bikers and keen hikers can be entertained with combination tours to their liking. We can take 5 to 105 year olds so ease the tension of a family Christmas with an outride, a new perspective and bountiful fresh air. For strong Bashoto horses, comfortable English saddles and a trail designed for novice riders or dab hand horsemen and horsewomen, book with Sagarmatha today.

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