Thursday, 28 January 2010

Adventure with Umgeni Steam Railway

The Adventure with Umgeni Steam Railway can begin at Kloof or Inchanga. Trips on these history drenched trains are good value and provide an adventurous activity equally enjoyed by all age groups. Just perfect for family groups.

The Kloof Wimpy is ideal for breakfast before you depart as they have now begun to open at 7am so you can be full of bacon, eggs and a great Wimpy coffee before the train chugs off. At Inchanga you can visit the Inchanga Craft Market before the return ride to Kloof. Be awed by the simple fact that this nineteen voetsek train will get you there and back in 2010!

Next trains Kloof-Inchanga-Kloof and Inchanga-Kloof-Inchanga - SUNDAY 31st JANUARY 2010

SPECIAL Inchanga - Kloof, see "The Great Inchanga Train Race" - SATURDAY 7th AUGUST 2010 – Runners pace themselves against the Inchanga Choo Choo – extreme sports nuts love this one!

These train trips make great celebrations. Have unusual birthday parties or even a wedding ceremony, these old carriages have seen it all! At a reasonable rate of R130.00 for adults and R100.00 for children everyone can Adventure with Umgeni Steam Railway.

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