Thursday, 21 January 2010

Outdoor Sports with Four Legged Fish Adventures

Nestled in a naturally beautiful area in the Eastern Cape you will discover Kidd's Beach where you can enjoy some Outdoors Sports with Four Legged Fish Adventures. This area is made up of farms and small villages. The Kidd's Beach village itself is about 1km squared and the area is super safe and tranquil with pleasant and friendly people. The beaches are totally safe for swimming with beautiful fine soft white sand.

The owner of this unusually named enterprise is Mark, he will give you all the information that you need and will try his utmost to make your stay very entertaining, enjoyable and only as exerting as your require! The name is inspired by the Coelacanth which was first landed nearby. Mark does have a support team as backup. He is able to arrange a tailor made holiday package to suite you. All of this at a competitive price too.

Mix this up with your choice of twin seater buggying on the beach, kite surfing, surfing, canoeing, wall climbing, rock climbing, fishing, bird watching and safe beach walks to be enjoyed. A mountain bike trail is a popular choice and these have been highly ranked with seasoned bike enthusiasts. Book your Outdoor Sports with Four Legged Fish Adventures today

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