Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wilderness Adventures

Elbrus and Edda have oodles of horsey fun in store for you at Wilderness Adventures. Curious volunteers, guests, wannabe stunt artists and horse mad children will all be fully satisfied with the action available for them. There are interactive horse grooming and feeding experiences to be had as well as out rides, horse trails through the magnificent forested surrounds, riding lessons, accommodation and meals. All you wish for will be provided and top your day off with cooling a dip in one of the nearby dams, with the horses!

Plus your are in highly knowledgeable hands with Elbrus Ourtaev an accomplished horse trainer who began his career with the Moscow circus and went on to achieve fame as a well-known action stuntman. Movies improved by his skills are Gandhi, Hooded Angels, Cybo Cop 2, Curse of the Ring, Flight of the Phoenix, Gallowwalker with Wesley Snipes and 10,000BC. What is more since Elbrus is an accomplished martial arts trainer you will be safe in his company.

The Garden Route climate is stunning. The winter low temperature seldom drops lower than 8 degrees Celsius. Wilderness is a region committed to eco tourism so you will be assured of the opportunity to return to relish the natural beauty available here time and again. If the sound of a horsey escape has you drooling there is a cure. Nurture the horse lover in you and simply book direct today with Wilderness Adventures.

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