Monday, 8 February 2010

Beach Life Makeover

The sun is warm, the sand is golden, surf bright white and the ocean a stunning blue and YOU may be due for a Beach Life Makeover! We know you are loving summer in your happy place but we have to say there is more living to be had!

Lift your sleepy head, get off your towel, and sign-up to see the KwaZulu-Natal coastline from a new angle.

With Ocean Ventures your safety is foremost, so because they take that worry off your plate you can bite carelessly into a juicy adventure pie. Choose from the menu below;

Seafari Explorer – an hour or so out at sea where you can take in an eco-marine adventure with Granny and the kids. R250.00 per adult and R150.00 per child – MILD!

Dolphin Spirit – comfortable sightings of bird-life and possible dolphin while sunbathing if you like on the fore-deck. Affordable luxury at just R450.00 per adult and R350.00 per child over 5. Swimming and snorkeling may be permitted – HOT!

Extreme Adventure – This is it what all you extreme speed freaks have been waiting for! Let Ocean Ventures whizz you across the Indian Ocean! R350.00 per adult – NUCLEAR!

Live a more adventurous life. Book you beach life makeover today with Ocean Ventures.

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