Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Field 19 Paintball Adventure

Have you booked your Field 19 Paintball Adventure yet? In Johannesburg, South Africa you are spoiled with a great range of top class venues where you and your buddies or colleagues can de-stress with paintball warfare action. The newest of these is Field 19 in Midrand. Very easy to find whether you are travelling from Johannesburg or Pretoria. Full directions are available.

This could be the team-building event to fire up a slack sales force or wake up your dozy admin team. Paintball is fun for everyone and a great way to get to know people better. See who runs and hides. Be surprised as your quiet filing clerk turns into a Rambo style warrior when armed with a gun!

When all your tension has been exhausted in combat and the winning team decided you do not have to rush home, there are facilities to braai and relax. Socialising in between rounds will be good for the morale of your team and give them a chance to recharge for another battle.

This genuine urban paintball experience will revive your passion if you are looking for a new platform to enjoy your favourite pastime. It has been custom designed to satisfy a growing clientele searching for a fast, furious, indoor S.W.A.T. House paintball venue. Face your opponents at point blank range for the ultimate paintball test. Book your Field 19 Paintball Adventure today!

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