Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kosi Forest Lodge

Indulge your passion for nature when you book a luxurious stay at Kosi Forest Lodge. You will be hosted in ultimate comfort on the banks of the Kosi Lake in this World Heritage Site. Delight in the forest, estuary and beach. You can boat, canoe, walk, swim, visit an elephant park or expand your life experience when you visit a local village, tour their homes and taste Illala Palm wine.

Romantics will be thrilled with the ambience created by thatched bush suites with mosquito nets over the beds, the outdoor lapa dining, peaceful surrounds and the unforgettable open-air reed enclosed bathrooms. Relax in a stone bath laid into the sandy white forest floor while stars twinkle overhead.

Bird lovers are always enthusiastic about their sightings in and around the ancient Raffia forest. You will want to look out for the Palm Nut Vulture, this unusual bird of prey will happily feast on the nut of the oil palm. As an adult its plumage is distinctive, being completely white except for black areas in its wings and a red patch around the eye. The young birds are brown with a yellow eye patch. In flight the Palm Nut Vulture resembles an eagle. Another likely sighting is the Pel’s fishing-owl whose almost invisible ear-tufts create a round-headed appearance.

Turtle tracking is seasonal and usually available from mid November to mid January. A boat trip through the Kosi channels and lakes can yield 30 to 40 hippo sightings. Tempted yet? Yield to your yearning for adventure and book with Kosi Forest Lodge now!

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