Friday, 23 April 2010

Skydive Xtreme

Skydive Xtreme will be hosting the SA Nationals Championships 2010 for the disciplines of Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events from 25th April 2010 till 30th April 2010. Although most of the action will take place in the air, Skydive Xtreme will bring this action right down to the spectators on the ground. Spectators will not only see canopies landing, but will also be able to view the live judging via big screen TV’s.

Experience levels range from Novice skydivers to very experience skydivers. The current SA Champions in the 4 and 8 way skydiving categories will be there as well, in preparation for the World Championships in Russia during July 2010. Those in the know have reminded us that there is of course always the possibility that a rival team could beat them this year and go to Russia in their place. It would seem there may be some pressing competition.

The Skydive Xtreme drop zone is owner managed, they listen to want you want and deliver more than you expect possible. This dedicated attitude ensures that you get the best skydiving adventure available. So visit during the exciting SA National Championships or book your tandem dive with Skydive Xtreme here.

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