Friday, 28 May 2010

Balloon Adventure

Jonathan Trappe, an American enjoyed balloon adventure today, Friday 28th May 2010. He became the first to cross the English Channel tied to a bundle of helium balloons.

Jonathan Trappe was strapped into a seat below a bright cluster of balloons when he lifted off early Friday from Kent, in southeast England.

After sailing above the water for several hours, Trappe lowered himself into a French field by cutting loose some of his colorful balloons.

He was reported to say it had been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and an "exceptional" experience.

He said it was the first time anyone had crossed a significant body of water using nothing but standard helium balloons and wind currents.

This awesome feat is reminiscent of the animated film, "Up." In the movie, an elderly gentleman hoisted his home onto hundreds of colored balloons and proceeded to fly away for an adventure.

Jonathan Trappe was keen to keep dreaming and we may see more action coming from this modern day adventurer. Book your own balloon adventure today.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Headline News: BULLS vs STORMERS Sat 29 May 2010

Why get stuck in traffic when you can box cleverly, arrive early and hang out at our NEW restaurant.

If you arrive early on Saturday swing by ORLANDO TOWERS where you can catch the rush of free fall at terminal velocity off our BUNGEE or take a giant step into space with the POWER SWING, afterwards you can recover at "Chaf Posi" - the genuine Soweto experience of a shisa nyama. Choose your meat and while you down your beer we’ll braai it for you. In the meantime you can get free kicks watching the other crazy people throwing themselves into space.

Is there a better way to get into the GEES for the rugby?

The Orlando stadium is less than 3km down the road.

So pull in for a ton of adrenalin, beer and awesome food before the game!

There are going to be a lot of people, so BOOKING would be the wise thing to do!!!

If you cannot fit in the rugby make another plan dude! Visit us during the Soccer World cup!

Headline News: WE ARE OPENING 7 DAYS PER WEEK from 1 June for the WORLD CUP

Orlando Towers will be opening its gates from 10am until 5pm EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week, as from 1 June, throughout the World Cup event. The towers are an awesome place to hang out before any of the matches at Soccer City or Orlando Stadium, so come and join us and get into the World Cup VIBE!

You can have it all! Rugby and Soccer Adventures begin at ORLANDO TOWERS.

Monday, 17 May 2010

International Day for Biodiversity

Adventure Escapades supports the International Day for Biodiversity on 22 May 2010.

The relevance of biodiversity to human health is a major international issue, as scientific evidence is gathered on the global health implications of biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity is the variation of living entities on our home planet Earth. Biodiversity can be used to measure the health of biological systems. This balance is under pressure by five principal factors creating biodiversity loss – habitat change, over-exploitation, pollution, invasive alien species and climate change.

We share a common passion for natural environments which cradle our adventure activities. Preserving the diversity of life on earth is crucial for human well-being. Will you observe or take action on 22nd May 2010?

There are many ways you can contribute. Be creative. Take the first step towards a day of memorable experiences;

Demands for goods and services place growing pressure on the environment - the less we use, the less severe the pressure.

When a conservation issue is highlighted, make your voice heard - draw up a petition, contact your local MP, write to the Department of Environment Affairs and liaise with your local newspaper.

Support a conservation organisation and tell people about it.

Share your thoughts about supporting the International Day for Biodiversity with the Adventure Escapades community at our Facebook Group.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shumba Valley Guest Farm

Shumba Valley Guest Farm near Clarens in the Eastern Free State is thrilled to introduce their newly opened Balanced Health Wellness Centre. This mountain haven boasts tranquil and healing surrounds which are simply perfect for this new addition to their offer.

After quad bike rides, microlighting, horseriding and 4x4 excursions your tired muscles will appreciate the attentions available at the new Balanced Health Wellness Centre. Chill out beside a cosy fire or relax in deep, hot, scented baths while you sip fresh detoxifying juices, creamy nut milks, delicious health giving soups or home grown herbal teas. Let your body repair and lose unwanted kilos too. You will return home lighter in body and soul.

Juliet Cooke, the resident Clinical Nutritionist, Reiki and Indian Head massage therapist has lots to offer you this winter at special introductory rates! Moderate to Intense Detox Programs are available at R1100.00 per night all inclusive, minimum 2 nights OR Special Offer of 8 nights for R7400.00 all inclusive

De-Stressing Detox Spa Days (7 hours) can be enjoyed for R770.00 per person OR Relax and Detox for Half a day (3 hours) for only R380.00 per person OR Bring a friend for only R750.00 or R350.00 each respectively.

Book now for a well deserved pampering and life changing experience! You can have the wild and mild in one place with Shumba Valley Guest Farm and their new Balanced Health Wellness Centre.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The SA Nationals Championship at Skydive Xtreme

From 26 – 30 April 2010, Skydive Xtreme at Modimolle Airfield was buzzing with activity as the venue for the SA Skydiving National Championship.

Sixty competitors from across the country competed against each other in the Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events disciplines.

Experience levels varied from novice jumpers to experienced jumpers with over 5000 jumps. The winner of the Formation Skydiving four way open event is going to represent South Africa at the World Formation Skydiving Championships in Russia during July 2010.

This year the event was won by the current SA Champions, Team Voodoo 4 consisting of Amy Kirtland, Colin Rothman, Dave Sumter, Vana Parker and Helge Harms (camera man).

But the most remarkable achievement at the event was accomplished by Johannes Selepe, a resident of Modimolle. With only 207 jumps, Johannes received a gold medal in the Artistic Event Intermediate category with team mates Brendon van Niekerk and Bertus de Beer. This is unique for two reasons namely, the fact that it is the first time in the history of the event that a civilian black person competed in the SA National Championships and also the first time ever that a black person competed in the Artistic Event discipline.

Johannes has been skydiving for the last 5 years and is an extremely important part of the team at Skydive Xtreme. His dream is to one day become a tandem master.

Pictured above are Team Xtreme comprised of Bertus De Beer (cameraman), Johannes Selepe and Brendon van Niekerk.

This great event with a memorable result was hosted by Skydive Xtreme. Book your skydiving experience with Skydive Xtreme today.

Monday, 3 May 2010

All Out Adventures

The Northern Drakensberg is beautiful in autumn and All Out Adventures is an exciting destination to choose for maximum enjoyment of this mountainous area. The centre is open every single day except for Tuesday out of season, these friendly hosts are really going the extra mile to make their adventures convenient for you to access.

You can do so much there too. All in one space you will find Paintball, Quad biking, a Zip-line tour, the King Swing, Flying Trapeze and the Bungee Bounce. This extremely safe Bungee and trampoline system give you the freedom to test your acrobatic ability in the air. Pure exhilaration! Especially now with the gorgeous late autumn days delivering more blue sky, sunshine and crispy fresh air in the early and later parts of the day.

Take the family out for a treat and a healthy dose of green action, high up where the air is cleaner. This will provide a great bonding experience for all. If some of your group are not up for the more exerting action, be sure you have the camera handy and ask them to click away. Then you can submit your entry to the Jelly Tots competition before 30th June 2010. Just be sure to grab a packet of Jelly Tots before you go to All Out Adventures!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Blue Vision Dive Centre

Blue Vision Dive Centre began as youthful and vibrant dive charter and is now a PADI Gold Palm 5* IDC Resort. Enviably able to call Aliwal Shoal their house reef! They have successfully expanded over the past 4 years and yet have still retained the friendly, personal and professional service that only an owner operated centre can. They are a multi-faceted dive centre which offers a comprehensive boat charter; PADI dive training; dive travel; accommodation and of course a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere!

Enjoy daily dives to the Aliwal Shoal and the local wrecks! If you have never dived before, they offer a wide variety of courses for everyone, from the inexperienced to those looking at becoming professional. You can relax while the ground crew load your kit onto one of our 8 metre super semi-rigid ducks. Your dive master will brief you on the reef and dive etiquette. These guys have so much passion for diving it is contagious. The skippers have nothced up thousands of launches between them, so you will be safe.

Blue Vision takes a keen interest in local sharks and shares this interest by not only offering regular baited shark dives with Tiger Sharks as well as the Sharklife Master Shark Diver course.

With South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup so close to the annual Sardine Run along the Eastern coast. Locals and visitors with a love for the ocean will be thrilled to experience the spectacle. Blue Vision will be organising a major viewing trip to one of the best vantage points along the coast.

Thousands and thousands of dolphins, sharks and game fish will join in this adventure. The Sardine run is a fabulous marine carnival! Trips are already being booked with Blue Vision Dive Centre, so get your spot secured now!