Friday, 28 May 2010

Balloon Adventure

Jonathan Trappe, an American enjoyed balloon adventure today, Friday 28th May 2010. He became the first to cross the English Channel tied to a bundle of helium balloons.

Jonathan Trappe was strapped into a seat below a bright cluster of balloons when he lifted off early Friday from Kent, in southeast England.

After sailing above the water for several hours, Trappe lowered himself into a French field by cutting loose some of his colorful balloons.

He was reported to say it had been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and an "exceptional" experience.

He said it was the first time anyone had crossed a significant body of water using nothing but standard helium balloons and wind currents.

This awesome feat is reminiscent of the animated film, "Up." In the movie, an elderly gentleman hoisted his home onto hundreds of colored balloons and proceeded to fly away for an adventure.

Jonathan Trappe was keen to keep dreaming and we may see more action coming from this modern day adventurer. Book your own balloon adventure today.

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