Monday, 17 May 2010

International Day for Biodiversity

Adventure Escapades supports the International Day for Biodiversity on 22 May 2010.

The relevance of biodiversity to human health is a major international issue, as scientific evidence is gathered on the global health implications of biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity is the variation of living entities on our home planet Earth. Biodiversity can be used to measure the health of biological systems. This balance is under pressure by five principal factors creating biodiversity loss – habitat change, over-exploitation, pollution, invasive alien species and climate change.

We share a common passion for natural environments which cradle our adventure activities. Preserving the diversity of life on earth is crucial for human well-being. Will you observe or take action on 22nd May 2010?

There are many ways you can contribute. Be creative. Take the first step towards a day of memorable experiences;

Demands for goods and services place growing pressure on the environment - the less we use, the less severe the pressure.

When a conservation issue is highlighted, make your voice heard - draw up a petition, contact your local MP, write to the Department of Environment Affairs and liaise with your local newspaper.

Support a conservation organisation and tell people about it.

Share your thoughts about supporting the International Day for Biodiversity with the Adventure Escapades community at our Facebook Group.

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