Thursday, 17 June 2010

FIFA Football Adventure

South Africans and foreign visitors alike are enjoying the FIFA football adventure that is currently playing out around our beautiful country, Mzansi. Feel it, it is here!

Admittedly it would have been great for locals if Bafana Bafana had achieved a better result in their game yesterday in Tshwane against Uruguay, but this was a tough draw for us. Uruguay are two times Soccer World Cup champions. So let’s not forget Bafana Bafana’s respectable performance against Mexico and let’s face France with dignity and optimism as a united rainbow nation. Doing our diski moves along the way and keeping a unified spirit of ubuntu as we do it.

Soccer is a quirky game and as we have seen unexpected results do happen. The Spaniards know all about that! This football contest is for those with adventure in their hearts.

Our visitors have been heard sharing on local news platforms that despite their prior reservations about the security in South Africa they have experienced happy travels. We have so much to offer travelers that staying in hotels rooms between the games in out of the question!

Visit to find your choice of action adventure. Mild to wild activities from mountain to coast will thrill you beyond expectation. Are you up for more that the FIFA football adventure?

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