Thursday, 24 June 2010

Profile of an Adventurer

Name: Angelique le Roux

Age: 37

Adventure Activity: Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures - Ziplining - Waterfall Zipline Tour

How do you keep in shape? Walking.

What do you eat for breakfast? Low GI Muesli, Pronutro or All Bran.

When did you become involved in your business/adventure activity and why? This is a family business.

How do you keep fit? Walking.

Is there motto or mantra that keeps you going, if so what is it? Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!!

Do you have an anecdotal story to share, if so tell us about it? I live with my 3 nephews aged 9 months, 2, 5 & 7 years old. So I have many, many stories to tell!! Teagan the 7 year old, is particularly full of beans! He was 18 months old when he Ziplined for the first time and his ever present companion is a Jack Russell named Kat. Kat accompanied him on the Zipline (check it out on You tube). O ya, the fish is called Dog! We wonder who has the identity crisis.

Does the thrill of this activity wear off? No, the changes in nature make it a new experience every time.

Who is your SA sporting hero? Natalie du Toit.

What do love most about SA? Sun shine, nature and diverse people.

What is next for your business, personal growth or adventure arena? New business in Western Cape, watch the press for more news towards the end of July!

Are there upcoming events in your area that adventurers can look forward to? We have recently had some rain so the waterfalls are absolutely awesome at the moment.

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