Friday, 16 July 2010

Adventure with Paris and Leo

Horseback Africa recently shared adventure with Paris and Leo. Both Paris Hilton and Leonardo Di Caprio visited Horseback Africa and their relaxed expressions in holiday snaps taken suggest they truly enjoyed their stay.

You would also be smiling also, who wouldn’t when met with the MacRae family’s warm hospitality, the best of African wildlife and esteemed equine experience?

Horseback Africa remains passionately active in nature conservation which proves their hearts are huge and rightly placed. It also provides visitors with the assurance that when they return the same plus more will be on offer. They proudly manage a breeding programme that focuses on Lion, Serval and African rock python. The last two being endangered species.

Fable has it that once you spend time at Horseback Africa you are destined to return. May good fortune smile on your adventure and perhaps you will share your Horseback Africa Adventure with Paris and Leo on their return.

Saddle-up and enjoy wildlife, polo clinics and great photographic opportunities in a warm environment. Taste a little of what appeals to Hollywood’s glamorous people when they holiday in Africa. Book your Horseback Africa adventure escapade today!

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