Saturday, 31 July 2010

Discover Ballooning Adventure

We’d like to introduce you to a Discover Ballooning adventure. Not many people realize that ballooning is actually the safest aviation sport around. It makes sense if you give that a moment’s logical consideration.

Ballooning is slower that other air sports, gentler and somewhat nostalgically romantic but no less adventurous for all these characteristics!

Technically speaking there are three main components to a hot air balloon. The basket, envelope and burner. The basket is woven out of wicker. It is exceptionally sturdy and totally able to absorb the shock during bumpier landings. The square holes in the sides of the basket function as steps so that passengers can climb in and out of the basket easily. It’s rope handles enable the crew to load and offload the basket during transportation of the balloon.

The envelope is the large pretty parachute like portion of the balloon which fills up with hot air. It is made from an anti-porous treated rip-stop nylon fabric with load bearing webbing tape.

The burners are fueled with propane gas which heats the air inside the envelope to create lift. The burner is attached to the basket and the envelope by wires and support poles. There are hoses which feed propane into the burners from the cylinders.

The process that gets you the adventurer, off the ground requires that the envelope of the balloon is unrolled and spread out on the ground. The crew attaches the envelope to the wicker basket and burner frame. Petrol fueled fans are used for cold inflation, which is the process of blowing air into the envelope to partially inflate the balloon. This allows enough space at the mouth of the balloon to use the burners to heat the air inside the envelope. After enough air in the envelope has been heated, it will begin to rise above the basket.

Now that you know more about how it works you must be as eager as the horses racing in today’s Durban July to book you Discover Ballooning adventure. Book here.

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