Tuesday, 20 July 2010

iSimangaliso with Advantage Tours

Adventure Escapades recently hooked up with Advantage Tours on the Greater St Lucia wetlands Park. In the middle of winter we enjoyed a sunshiny summer’s afternoon gently skimming across the waters of the estuary. The Advantage Cruiser is custom built to travel in shallow water. This boat has environmentally friendly engines which minimize any impact on the ecology of this world heritage site. There is a lower covered deck, with a little bar for select refreshments as well as a deck upstairs for sun seekers.

Steve our informative skipper punctuated his wealth of knowledge with some dryly humorous lines, just to keep everyone entertained. With his guidance we enjoyed views of some of the largest vegetated dunes in the world, a variety of prolific bird life including the giant secretary bird and mangrove swamps.

The first stirring of excitement was created by a pod of hippo on the right-hand bank, as Steve took us in, closer than we thought safe, he suggested we look a little more to the left. There we spotted three well camouflaged crocodiles basking in the afternoon sunshine. Nobody hasd even noticed then as yet, so well did they blend with their environment.

This relaxing boat ride presented loads of opportunity for the avid photographer, during the stops en route.

We felt so proud to live in this beautiful country as we noticed that so many of the other passengers were tourists, here we were just three hours from home in a well preserved area of tremendous natural beauty. What a blessing!

This is stunning winter holiday destination. For locals and international visitors we highly recommend Advantage Tours for a closer look at the wetland life. See iSimangaliso with Advantage Tours, this truly is ‘the place of miracles’.

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