Friday, 27 August 2010

Skyguide Paragliding for Bluff Adventure

You can hook up with Skyguide Paragliding for Bluff Adventure. Now that the airport has moved north Skyguide Paragliding are very excited to catch the South East winds and great views available over the beach. You can share in this newly released adventure.

For first timers Paragliding may be a bit of a mystery so Jo Chananie has shared all the interesting details on his page with Adventure Escapades. This chap has more than 20 years of experience so you will be getting the facts straight up. Jo will also do everything required to ensure you get back down safely and gently, he has all the authorisations, training and knowledge needed for this skilled flying escapade.

Make you dream a reality and book with Jo today right here!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Adventure Junkies

As the week draws to an end and you begin to feel like it is time to break out of the office before cabin fever sets in, consider a quick remedy with Adventure Junkies. They have just the fix you need.

Try them out with a group of friends one weekend and you will feel so motivated afterwards that on your return to work the boss will notice a change in you. Then watch for the right moment to tell him or her all about your experience with Adventure Junkies and the positive feel-good benefits you have noticed. Do this well and in no time at all regular events with Adventure Junkies could become a team-building exercise that you, your boss and co-workers will be enjoying.

Healthy and challenging activities that keep a group of people bright-eyed and bushy tailed is an investment more and more businesses are making, again and again. The ripple effects on performance, team work and results have been phenomenal.

You can find out more about Adventure Junkies here.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Adventure for Rugby Fans in Soweto

There is a whole lot of adventure for rugby fans in Soweto when the SPRINGBOKS play the ALL BLACKS on Saturday 21st August 2010.

Orlando Towers has a great restaurant and before you eat you can throw yourself from the bridge between those very high towers.

This will show our New Zealand visitors we have adventurous spirits to match theirs. You can do this one for your national rugby team who really would appreciate your support right now.

Orlando Towers invite you to PULL IN and GET DOWN.

Relax while you sink a few cold ones and enjoy an awesome vibe watching happy crazy people throwing themselves into space.

There is no better way to get into the GEES for the rugby!

There are going to be a lot of people so booking would be the wise thing to do!!! You can do that at

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Renegade Paintball Adventure in Howick

A Renegade Paintball Adventure in Howick begins with a serious safety briefing from the Regimental Sergeant Major on duty. These inert gas powered weapons are potentially so powerful they are rumoured to be the latest home protection purchase of choice in South Africa. All participants are required to pay attention and they receive a full demonstration of the might exerted at full speed as well as at the speed chosen for their age and ability.

The wooded area where the battles play out has a photogenic fort. Be sure in-between rounds to take some team photographs set around it. The bleached wooden structure has two levels and creatively placed subjects make a stunning contrast for an artistic photographic shot. An unexpected bonus at a Paintball venue!

For younger paint ball participants the RSM selects the lowest power setting. Even at the reduced power, slow-footed rookies who take a blow will still have red circles to prove their metal. To watch kids exclaim how they nailed one another and show off their ‘war wounds’ is entertaining. It is also a reminder to parents of how blessed their own childhood was, if they were fortunate enough to have escaped the high tech age of Play Stations in the bedroom and iPods in the pocket. Lucky to avoid being sucked indoors away from the awesome make believe adventures available outdoors. The very scene, where paintball ideas and the like have been nurtured.

Paintball remains one of the most popular adventure activities. Accessible to any one who is mobile from around 8 years old and upwards. This is good clean fun in the great outdoors. Renegade Paintball presents the added benefit of being attached to the well-loved YellowWood Cafe. After paintball the group can relax and enjoy cooling drinks and great food.

We suggest that you visit to view all the adventures in your area and also to secure your paintball session at Renegade Paintball.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Jelly Tots National Competition Winners

Jelly Tots National Competition Winners are smiling all the way to their nearest adrenalin inducing venue. Jelly Tots recently held a national promotional competition whereby all entrants who submitted their Jelly Tots Adventure photographs stood the chance to win an Adventure Experience sourced by

Twenty winners have been selected and they are currently having a fun time choosing their prizes. Hot air ballooning at Air to Air Africa is proving to be top of the list of favourites. Sheree at Air to Air Africa put together a really great deal for these winners and now their bookings are rolling in. They will have the option of lifting off out of The Cradle of Humankind and will also be spoiled rotten with champagne, orange juice and breakfast.

Yet another popular choice is proving to be Shumba Valley Guest Farm, a family friendly holiday destination packed with adventure activities, situated just outside Clarens in the Eastern Free State. The Barmours also came forward with an awesome value added offering. These winners could be betting on snowfalls. The winds blowing around parts of our country today could bring anything!

We are having so much fun working to finalise all the packages and would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to all our clients who participated with enthusiasm, to Jelly Tots for making it all possible and also to the Jelly Tots National Competition Winners we’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS! We look forward to publishing their feedback after their adventures. Check out to find your adventure experience. Jelly Tots National Competition Winners

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Boot Camp SA Durban 99 day fitness challenge is for men, women and kids of 13 years and older.

You could be the next recruit! Boot Camp SA is not just for the fit, it's also for the unfit, the sloth, the lazybones and the couch potatoes. It is time to GET INTO SHAPE!!!

Recruits train in divisions according to their fitness level or lack thereof! You therefore have no excuses and yes, even you will survive!

Recruits work their way up the ranks: Virgin Corps to Alpha Corps to Bravo Corps and leave Basic training at Ranger Corps level. In order to graduate through each rank, recruits must reach the required level of fitness, stamina and willpower. To monitor results recruits are tested on their fitness and strength improvements each month.

Boot Camp provides you with outdoors exercise in fresh air, the opportunity to cut stress and feel fulfilled. You will get hands on supervision from extremely experienced Boot Camp SA trainers. The schedule is mentally stimulating with a variety of work outs and routines. The Real Commando Obstacle Course is employed to develop areas of fitness such as balance and co-ordination. The Obstacle course drills aid in goal setting and increase enjoyment of training. A social atmosphere and group support structure facilitates participants achieving their goals.

These challenges have been running since 2001 and this year’s begins on 4th September 2010, are you ready to show your true metal with dedication, commitment and hard work.

For functional strength and mental focus book your spot in the 99 Day Fitness Challenge and reward your body and mind with increased power and health before Christmas! Visit today for a healthy activity in your area.