Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Boot Camp SA Durban 99 day fitness challenge is for men, women and kids of 13 years and older.

You could be the next recruit! Boot Camp SA is not just for the fit, it's also for the unfit, the sloth, the lazybones and the couch potatoes. It is time to GET INTO SHAPE!!!

Recruits train in divisions according to their fitness level or lack thereof! You therefore have no excuses and yes, even you will survive!

Recruits work their way up the ranks: Virgin Corps to Alpha Corps to Bravo Corps and leave Basic training at Ranger Corps level. In order to graduate through each rank, recruits must reach the required level of fitness, stamina and willpower. To monitor results recruits are tested on their fitness and strength improvements each month.

Boot Camp provides you with outdoors exercise in fresh air, the opportunity to cut stress and feel fulfilled. You will get hands on supervision from extremely experienced Boot Camp SA trainers. The schedule is mentally stimulating with a variety of work outs and routines. The Real Commando Obstacle Course is employed to develop areas of fitness such as balance and co-ordination. The Obstacle course drills aid in goal setting and increase enjoyment of training. A social atmosphere and group support structure facilitates participants achieving their goals.

These challenges have been running since 2001 and this year’s begins on 4th September 2010, are you ready to show your true metal with dedication, commitment and hard work.

For functional strength and mental focus book your spot in the 99 Day Fitness Challenge and reward your body and mind with increased power and health before Christmas! Visit today for a healthy activity in your area.


Personal Trainer Singapore said...

hey!! you have a great blog. wonderful information. hope u keep it up and never give up.

Mary said...

wow Bootcamp workouts not just for adults but also for kids!! keet it up!!