Sunday, 15 August 2010

Renegade Paintball Adventure in Howick

A Renegade Paintball Adventure in Howick begins with a serious safety briefing from the Regimental Sergeant Major on duty. These inert gas powered weapons are potentially so powerful they are rumoured to be the latest home protection purchase of choice in South Africa. All participants are required to pay attention and they receive a full demonstration of the might exerted at full speed as well as at the speed chosen for their age and ability.

The wooded area where the battles play out has a photogenic fort. Be sure in-between rounds to take some team photographs set around it. The bleached wooden structure has two levels and creatively placed subjects make a stunning contrast for an artistic photographic shot. An unexpected bonus at a Paintball venue!

For younger paint ball participants the RSM selects the lowest power setting. Even at the reduced power, slow-footed rookies who take a blow will still have red circles to prove their metal. To watch kids exclaim how they nailed one another and show off their ‘war wounds’ is entertaining. It is also a reminder to parents of how blessed their own childhood was, if they were fortunate enough to have escaped the high tech age of Play Stations in the bedroom and iPods in the pocket. Lucky to avoid being sucked indoors away from the awesome make believe adventures available outdoors. The very scene, where paintball ideas and the like have been nurtured.

Paintball remains one of the most popular adventure activities. Accessible to any one who is mobile from around 8 years old and upwards. This is good clean fun in the great outdoors. Renegade Paintball presents the added benefit of being attached to the well-loved YellowWood Cafe. After paintball the group can relax and enjoy cooling drinks and great food.

We suggest that you visit to view all the adventures in your area and also to secure your paintball session at Renegade Paintball.

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