Monday, 27 September 2010

San Experience with Xama Adventures

Xama Adventures in the Western Cape promoted their San Experience as a suitable prize package for the recently held Jelly Tots national competition. The prize package request was for something which would be enjoyed by a family. Xama Adventures suggested the San Experience. One of the winners, Natasha Ansley has just returned from an excursion at !Khwa Ttu, organised by Xama Adventures.

This is what Natasha had to say about her experience, “We had a great time last weekend! A very big thank you to everyone involved. The food was delicious and the service was fantastic, everyone was so friendly and helpful. The kids had an especially fun weekend and Nicholas learned quite a bit from our guide on the trail to the village.”

Natasha added, “We only live half an hour away and am so glad we had a chance to discover this little gem so close to home!”

So if you live in the beautiful Western Cape or wish you did, you can contact Xama Adventures. They will streamline your holiday enjoyment with an adventure package that allows you to focus on fun while they take full responsibility for all the nuts and bolts. With December’s crazy holiday season around the corner you will want to take full advantage of the expertise available at Xama Adventures, their packages are as luxurious or affordable as you wish and full of adventure opportunities!

If the Western Cape is not big enough for you, Xama Adventure also take regular excursions to other parts of South Africa as well as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Turkey. You can enquire with Xama Adventures at now.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Waterhaven Country Estate

Waterhaven Country Estate invite you to stretch your legs and have fun doing something new while you enjoy a calm country atmosphere. With the long weekend approaching fast you may just be in time to book your adventure with Waterhaven Country Estate.

This is a great destination for family get-togethers, corporate team building, year-end functions and almost any other celebration you can imagine, even weddings.

Just 20 short minutes away from Fourways you will discover an earthy venue with a good selection of fun activities for a group. Clay target shooting, archery and paintball are very popular at Waterhaven Country Estate. The ladies enjoy these sports as much as the gents, which creates amazing bonding opportunities for teambuilding. The playing field for clay target shooting evens up somewhat between the sexes, as accuracy is a more valuable skill than brute strength in this activity. This definitely reduces the guy’s usual advantage.

This gorgeous estate is so beautiful it magically relaxes you and eases the tension of a busy week. We think you deserve the break. Waterhaven Country Estate is equipped to cater for your specific needs so contact them today to get a quote for your next adventure function!

Great White Shark Adventure in Mossel Bay

A Great White Shark adventure awaits you in Mossel Bay with White Shark Africa. You can hop on their custom-made catamaran and sail out to where these gigantic mammals play. A Great White can exceed 6m in length and weigh up to 2,200 kilograms.

The blockbuster movie Jaws directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg has most of us believing that humans are in fact the great white sharks preferred prey. This is not actually true. The shark primarily feeds on marine animals, including fish and seabirds. Even so it is sensible to swim at designated beaches with shark nets.

Great White Sharks enjoy coastal waters with a temperature of between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius. South African waters home some of the densest shark populations and it is therefore home to much research on these creatures. They have also been tagged in South African waters and later spotted in Australia then again in South Africa within the same year. That’s a mileage of 20, 000 kilometres! These mighty fellows get around more than we realize and interaction between shark populations is definite.

With White Shark Africa you will be in safe experienced hands whether you opt to dive or enjoy observing the sharks up close from the boat. This is an unbelievable experience. With a long weekend coming up Mossel Bay looks like a good place for a Great White Shark Adventure!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Skydive Adventure recently met with Zendi a Durban mom of two teenage boys and the wife of Johan, a parabat. This adventurous family thoroughly enjoy many aspects of the adventurous lifestyle we are spoilt with in South Africa, including the beach, 4x4 trails and jumping from planes!

Not to be outdone by the testosterone rich guys in the family Zendi who recently turned forty decided to test the popular idiom “40 is the new 20” and booked herself for her first solo jump with Skydive Durban. As the big day dawned Johan was the most anxious as the family headed off to embrace the adventure that lay ahead. The training and lectures would probably have some people bailing before the plane left earth but Zendi took it all in her stride, feeling more reassured as she gained greater insight and knowledge about what would happen next.

By the time they were suited up the nerves had settled and they were all ready for action! Zendi and Chad who also jumped for the first time had an awesome experience. Zendi said, “The height is not the issue, you are so high it is irrelevant. The scary thing is steering yourself to the Drop Zone when it is the size of a pinhead from up high. So best you pay attention in class!”

Zendi will enthusiastically encourage everyone to give skydiving a go saying, “Your life is never the same once you have jumped from a plane on your own!” This brave lady plans to keep up her skydive jumps and is looking forward to her next adventure, a big swing experience at Oribi Gorge!

This adventure will be remembered as a huge family bonding experience. Kudos to the entire Dormehl family from all at!

If you still have no plans for this upcoming long weekend we hope you will feel inspired to get online with and choose your nearby adventure destination. We have more skydive venues plus a whole lot more you will enjoy!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ocean Ventures

Let Ocean Ventures show you the ocean from a whole new perspective. It is an exciting part of our beautiful world, at Ocean Ventures you will get to discover what a wonderful ocean experience awaits you!

These marine lovers believe life is an adventure and they guarantee that with them you can enjoy the ride!

Life's about balance. You can only lie on the beach and stare at the sea for so long. Now how about getting up close and personal with dolphins, sea birds, turtles and all the other sea life that the South African KwaZulu-Natal coastline has to offer?

Ocean Ventures aims to bring you quality marine eco-experiences and adventures that will give you a whole new perspective on this abundant coastline.

Your safety comes first too!

While you can expect excitement, we're also serious about safety. We currently operate three vessels all of which have been specially selected for their seaworthiness and safety characteristics. All Ocean Ventures vessels and crew are fully licensed and safety certified to the stringent standards of the South African maritime Safety Authority. Craft are fitted with the required safety equipment and bouyancy jackets are provided, which it is recommended should be worn at all times.

The weekend is almost here. Book your adventure with Ocean Ventures!

Friday, 3 September 2010

GoVertical Mountaineering Adventures

Garth and Lee-Anne are the guiding partnership behind GoVertical Mountaineering Adventures. You will enjoy their personal attention and guidance on the various outdoor adventures they offer. Registered with the South Africa Mountaineering Development and Training Trust (MDT) as well as The Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) you can be assured that you are in good hands. Exciting day trips are popular and include Hiking, rafting, climbing and abseiling.

Rock climbing is available in Magaliesberg, Hartbeespoort and Johannesburg. The introductory climbing course takes place in the Magaliesberg mountains where they teach you the basics of rope work, safety procedures, rock climbing techniques and how to belay a partner. This course focuses on discovering your own natural ability to climb. With a variety of different natural rock faces, this comprehensive introduction is also a great way to progress if you've been climbing in a climbing gym. Suitable for both adults and children no experience is necessary we supply all the gear. It is a full day course in the mountains.

When your rock climbing skills are developed you can take the next step, Sport Climbing. You will be guided through the steps to get out on the rocks & carve up the crags on your own. Spend a morning on local sport climbing crags focusing on sport leading. You'll leave with the skills to be an independent climber on any bolted route and have had the opportunity to push your grades. The course is intense, gear, safety and technically focused. It gives you the opportunity to progressively build on the techniques and experiences gained via the preceding course.

If you have had an introduction to climbing book for the next Sport Climbing course which takes place on the 9th October 2010. Complete your booking enquiry with GoVertical Montaineering Adventures for Sport Climbing here.