Monday, 25 October 2010

Power Enhanced Adventure

Power enhancing bands are having their adventure in the sun at the moment, said to utilise a holographic device implanted in a silicone wristband to improve power (obviously), balance, flexibility, overall performance and focus in pretty much all action pursuits. These bands somehow tap into natural energy fields and mystically harness them to combat any negative energy fields created by all the technology we surround ourselves with.

Never the less, since they make for a fun and funky looking fashion accessory a whole lot of dudes and dudettes are wearing them. Including, we have heard, Cristiano Renaldo who may be matching his band with his Armani hot pants. Rubens Barrichello of the Williams Formula One team fame said the first time he wore one in a race, he won!

Fathoming how they actually work requires some mind bending gymnastics of a scientific nature, which is not surprising since the bands are reputed to increase the core power of athletes by a whopping, are you sitting down? Five hundred percent! The average sports doctors and fitness gurus are nothing short of flabbergasted at these claims since the supporting data has clearly been shared with but a few, perhaps this proves it is science at such a high level, mere doctors may not even grasp the intricacies of these wonder bands.

Marketers appear to have to grasped the concept with the most agility, they clearly all wear their bands, which are being used to promote healthy mindedness in boardrooms, conference centres and we hear they are being packaged for corporate year-end tokens at a rate of knots!

We at are an adventurous bunch so we will try them and share any exciting results. We also really want to hear about your experiences with these little powerhouses. Your comments are welcome here or at our Face book wall. Meantime if you need an excuse to put your new wonder band to the test, go ahead and browse our website, we know you will find an adventure that is up to the challenge!

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