Friday, 1 October 2010

Wilderness Adventures Pony Camp

Wilderness Adventures is situated in the Wilderness area of the Garden Route, Western Cape. Just once a year Elbrus and Edda invite children for a fabulous Pony Camp. This happens in December and if your horse loving children are aged 9 to 14 this will be a stunning holiday adventure for them.

So Mums and Dads, you can give your child a truly memorable gift this year, an opportunity to explore majestic forests on horseback, spend hours riding out and learn some trick riding too! Kids very often spend so much energy competing with their horses that they forget to stop and have fun. This experience is a time for them to relax and ride for fun fun fun!

The stunt riding will help with their co-ordination, we will teach your child how to fall off a horse without getting hurt and how to hang on to the horse, without falling! This camp is aimed at the child who knows how to ride. We will take a maximum of 8 children for this year’s camp. Book now to avoid disappointment!

PLUS you can enjoy a 10% discount if you book for the Pony Club at Wilderness Adventures today through

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