Friday, 12 November 2010

Thank You Air to Air Africa

The Jelly Tots Winners have been enjoying their Adventure Days and we received some feedback from Jo Lennert, we have shared this with you below;

Dear Murray, Sheree and Desiree,

Thanks so much to you all for the wonderful hot air balloon trip that we won. My son Axel, was a little anxious during the flight, but is so proud that he did it now.

So, Murray, please pass on my thanks to your client Jelly Tots..... we are very very happy, we had a great flight, and we eat Jelly Tots ALL THE TIME!

Sheree, thanks so much for the wonderful flight, please pass on to Euguene too.... he looked after us very well, and Axel is very proud to have done the flight. However, I asked him if he wanted to go up again... and he said 'no thanks' and had a good laugh.

Desiree, thanks for all your assistance too.

Kind regards to everyone.
Jo Lennert, and Axel and Sven.

This Big Fat Thank You goes out largely to Air to Air Africa. Book your adventurous weekend to be proud of at

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