Saturday, 29 January 2011

Surf Adventure

A surf adventure can be enjoyed at numerous stunning beaches around South Africa. Surfing is a sport that is available to males and females who are fit and active. You can surf all through the year around suitable South African shores.

A popular surf school is Surf Emporium in Muizenberg. Muizenberg is an ideal spot suited to first timers. Other venues where you can enjoy the Surf Emporium expertise by arrangement are Long Beach Kommetjie, Witsands, Scarborough, Big Bay, Milnerton and Innerkom.

Surf Emporium instructors are professionally trained surf coaches who are able to educate you on all aspects of surfing on the sand and in the water. Head trainers are equipped with a level two SSA surfing qualification approved by Surfing South Africa. They are all qualified lifeguards, trained in first aid.

The prize position of Surf Emporium means you can enjoy a shower, with hot water, after your surf lesson, relax with a coffee at their bakery and check out their Quiksilver and Roxy Surf Shop. They are the home of Roxy Surf school for ladies and Surf Riders surf school for men and boys.

If you are in Cape Town and have been curious about how to get into surfing you can hook up with Surf Emporium at Adventure Escapades today.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Meet Emo from Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

Meet Emo from Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours. It's good to know who will be guiding you when you are high above the ground!

Name: Emo Munnik
Age: 29

1.Where do you live?
In Stormsriver Village.

2.Where were you before you started at Stormsriver Adventures?
I started off as general worker at Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village, this is where I discovered my love for the nature and our local fauna and flora. I started gaining knowledge on our local plant life at Khoisan Village. After that I became Assistant Store Manager at Boskor Sawmills, for about a year, in the Tsitsikamma. I heard about a job vacancy at Stormsriver Adventures and applied as this was not an opportunity to be missed.

3.How long have you been working at Stormsriver Adventures?
I have been working here for the last 3 years, I started off as a Safety Guide and then progressed to lead Guide and Woodcutters specialist guide. I have attained my FGASA Level 1 and First Aid qualification amongst other certificates.

4.What hobbies or other interests do you have?
Rugby, playing pool, socializing and enjoying the nature (of which we have plenty in the Tsitsikamma!)

5.What do you enjoy most about working as a Canopy tour® guide?
First of all no day at the office / forest is the same, I met different people from all over the world on a daily basis. Each day and tour is different and interesting.
Secondly my office is the Tsitsikamma indigenous forest, this is the place where I get my “zen” back.

6.Who do you enjoy guiding the most?
All types of people who enjoy nature and want to experience one of our wonderful products.

7.What is your favorite song? Why?
'Have you ever' by Brandy. It makes me think of life and as long as I am thinking and learning I am living.

8.What is your favorite movie? Why?
Any Leon Schuster movie, a comedy like that cannot be missed!

9.Tell us something interesting about yourself.
Well I am actually scared of heights, one would not say so with being a guide that slides from one tree to the next. I have overcome this fear by always making sure I am safe and secure on the system and this goes for all doing the system. Safety is a big priority for the company and I know that I am safe even if I am 20m above the ground! I really find that I can connect with clients who have the same fear and put them at ease immediately! This makes them enjoy the experience to the max!

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Monday, 17 January 2011

International Hot Air Ballooning Week

This is International Hot Air Ballooning week, enthusiastically celebrated in Austria and in Switzerland. It appears this was first observed in Filzmoos, south of Salzburg, Austria where their 32nd festival of ballooning is happening. Balloonists who gather here say Filzmoos provides the ultimate destination for challenging ballooning conditions. There are strong winds off the surrounding mountains that require adept handling skills.

Teams from around the globe gather to take off from the very middle of the village of Filzmoos. The occasion is marked by the influx of thousands of spectators, most drawn for the single experience of Night of Balloons. Traditionally this happens on the second evening of the festival. The spectacle well worth beholding is a cluster of balloons igniting their burners above to light up the dark sky. More recently this has been synchronized to music in Canada and the USA. What a vision!

South African Balloonists we call on you to organize a similar event for adventurers and spectators alike! Meanwhile test out your balloon floating ability and mark International Hot Air Balloon week with your nearest Hot Air Ballooning activity provider. Find one at

Friday, 14 January 2011

Shumba Valley take on Rural Lesotho

Positioned in the Eastern Freestate Highlands you will discover a jewel, Shumba Valley Guest Farm. Di and Bob offer you adventure, relaxation and comfort in one of South Africa’s naturally outstanding areas. Inspired by this beautiful region your hosts at Shumba Valley Guest Farm keep creating more to please their visitors.

The newest package they have available is an unforgettable three day Rural Encounter in Lesotho. You will get to thresh the corn, make the bread, collect the water, plough with the oxen while you feel the vibrancy of the earth! Enjoy the warmth of genuine hospitality. Learn the skills of the ancients. Take the opportunity to revel in the lost meaning of this simple lifestyle. When you retire at night to the comfort of your rondavel you will know what it feels like to be truly alive!

Join Bob, Di and Bolae for this 3 day Rural Encounter or for a 4 day quad ride, bring along your own quads. There are also 4x4 trails from 3 nights to 5 nights through parts of Lesotho.

You can enquire about Shumba Valley Guest Farm’s Lesotho option and other fun activities at While you are there trawl for more action available all around South Africa.