Monday, 17 January 2011

International Hot Air Ballooning Week

This is International Hot Air Ballooning week, enthusiastically celebrated in Austria and in Switzerland. It appears this was first observed in Filzmoos, south of Salzburg, Austria where their 32nd festival of ballooning is happening. Balloonists who gather here say Filzmoos provides the ultimate destination for challenging ballooning conditions. There are strong winds off the surrounding mountains that require adept handling skills.

Teams from around the globe gather to take off from the very middle of the village of Filzmoos. The occasion is marked by the influx of thousands of spectators, most drawn for the single experience of Night of Balloons. Traditionally this happens on the second evening of the festival. The spectacle well worth beholding is a cluster of balloons igniting their burners above to light up the dark sky. More recently this has been synchronized to music in Canada and the USA. What a vision!

South African Balloonists we call on you to organize a similar event for adventurers and spectators alike! Meanwhile test out your balloon floating ability and mark International Hot Air Balloon week with your nearest Hot Air Ballooning activity provider. Find one at

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