Tuesday, 22 February 2011

White Shark Africa Adventure

White Shark Africa have been successfully building healthy and respectful relationships between sharks and humans since 1995. Their shark interaction packages have become increasingly popular and their pursuits are backed by their avid participation in shark research.

White Shark Africa gives you the opportunity to see sharks from an entirely different perspective. These experiences are varied and custom designed to snugly fit different clients needs.

A trip they have available at the moment for students is an educational program. The students have a great time being part of the tagging and research activities. Eight students can be accommodated at the time. They get to work not only with the great White shark but also with many other interesting species of sharks swimming in our South African Waters. They get to tag sex and size the shark and physically get their hands wet. They learn different shark identification measures, conservation, shark handling, and much much more.

You can book you package with White Shark Africa today!

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