Sunday, 27 March 2011

Internships at White Shark Africa

We had have lots of browsers showing interest in South African Shark adventures and decided to share more about what WHITE SHARK AFRICA offer for interns.

They cater for internships of up to 6 months duration. Interns are taught a more in-depth approach to not only research and data collection, but also from the commercial aspect of eco tourism and conservation.
They only take two interns per 6 month period.

If you chose to do an internship your first month will follow the structure of the original programme. After this month features of the intern programme, dependent on duration of stay, will include:
Seamanship skills.
Learning to pilot a tagging vessel with the option to complete a skippers course at own cost.
Data collecting and collating.
Liaising with local authorities, fisherman and schools with regards to conservation.
Helping with the day-to-day running of the programme including leading and supervising students.
Hands on experience with eco tourism.
Learning to give lectures on sharks to small groups.

They have conducted research over the last 15 years in the Atlantic region of South Africa.

Their project is conducted in the Indian Ocean to ascertain the different behaviour aspects of Great White Sharks in these warmer waters.

The tagging aspect of the programme and internship will be to ascertain the different species and numbers of those individual species with a view to conservation measures necessary for their survival.

The prices for the programme and internships are as follows:
1 Month costs £1100 (includes 25 day programme. Subsequent months as per internships)
2 Months costs £2000
3 Months costs £2900
4 Months costs £3600
5 Months costs £4400
6th Month: free only if the full 6 months is required.

NOTE the British pound to Rand exchange rate as at 26th March 2011 was R11.09 per one pound.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact WHITE SHARK AFRICA. Find a shark experience near you at

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Defy Gravity with Air to Air Africa

The first time man defied the laws of gravity in a hot air balloon was in 1783. From this time on it has been one of the adventure activities on many peoples must do list. This simple form of flight has not changed much in all this time. Air to Air Africa fly 3 commercial balloons. The traditional wicker baskets can carry 8 , 12 and 16 passengers. These baskets are weight related depending on the cubic capacity of their envelopes and for this reason booking well in advance is essential.

Balloons require stable air conditions and for this reason flights take place at sunrise. Passengers meet for tea and coffee 30 minutes before take off. Most of the flights take place from Lake Herritage on Heia Safari ‘s Property and a private game ranch on the Crocodile River in the Kromdraai Conservancy also known as the Cradle of Humankind, approximately 35km from Johannesburg. As all the balloons are on trailers these can be moved to a destination of your choice for larger groups.

You don’t need to be physically fit to stand for an hour while you float along at tree top height and you may get to pick a leaf from the top of a tree, or speak to passers by who have stop to take a picture of you as you drift along in relative silence. That is until the pilot burns to maintain heat in the envelope and keep the balloon in flight. Tranquil and calming are the word that most describe the experience.

Balloons move with the wind and therefore where you land no one knows. Not even the Pilot can tell you prior to flight. Each flight is different and the ground crews job is to find the balloon on landing. As tradition dictates, the landing is celebrated with a glass of Champagne and /or orange juice. You are then whisked away in the retrieval vehicle and taken for a well deserved breakfast. Air to Air Africa will then present you with a certificate to remember the day you defied the law of gravity.

Flights take place at sunrise daily, and this a wonderful gift to receive or a romantic way to celebrate that special event, be it a birthday, engagement and anniversary. For a corporate function or team building experience or even to launch a new product. Air to Air Africa can place your company banner around the balloons.

For more information call +27804 602 3491 to book your adventure with Sheree. To find a balloon operator nearby visit

Thursday, 17 March 2011

What Adventurers Want

We have had our ears to the ground gleaning the information to establish what adventurers want and we have listened! We have take action! Three new showcases have been added to our popular HOME PAGE which will be where adventurers will find exactly what they have been asking for!!!

If you have a favourite local supplier of flippers, health supplements, sunscreen, kayaks or backpacks or any of the many necessities adventurers require, advertise these products in our new ADVENTURE BITS category! Your products will be found online fast!

Do you put together adventure escapades of note? Our browsers are looking for these in all areas of South Africa, they are the 'work hard, play hard' people you want to hook up with. Advertise your tour guide skills, travel agency or tour planning service in our ADVENTURE TOURS category and receive the attention you deserve from people who will truly appreciate your skills, all at affordable rates!

Even fit and healthy okes need a good nights sleep, they may want to be up at 5am to catch the big fish or climb the highest peak but rest is essential to prepare them to achieve these mighty feats. If you have an comfortable venue which is located nearby a popular adventure venue, this is a great opportunity for you to promote what you have to the right market. Get listed in our ADVENTURE STAYS category today!

Are sirens are going off in your head? Hearing bells ringing? That is because we have what you want. Talk to us today!!!

Call 086 110 6638 or email fast!

You will not believe how much can do for your business for so little! We will find a platform online to put your business in the adventure spotlight at a price tag that will keep you smiling 24/7. We know what adventurers want! Our gift to you is the tool to get them into your store, to buy what you have!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Argus 2011

Cyclists descended upon Cape Town this past weekend. Before sunrise had a chance to shed it's bright light on the City of Choice, colourful and lithe lycra bathed bodies wielding superbly crafted bicycles lifted the predawn landscape from its slumbering hues. United in the pursuit of crossing the Pick n Pay Argus finish line in the world’s biggest individually-timed road cycle race these athletes exuded a taunt atmosphere of anticipation.

Festivities extended all around Green Point with restaurants serving up carbo-boosting fare, food vendors, live music and activities were set up to entertain the spectators and cyclists. Great weather also contributed in reinforcing that Cape Town is indeed The City of Choice.

The 2011 winner was Tyler Day. Defending champion, Malcolm Lange came second. This is a truly noble title to hold in a race that has been going on for more than thirty years and draws about thirty thousand entrants.

Did you enjoyed the Argus footage on television? Did you watch the race in Cape Town? If you are ready to race out on your own adventure visit to find a cycling venue nearby.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

24th April 2011 Fun at Durban Skydive Centre in KZN

Join in a day of fun and relaxation at Durban Skydive Centre.
Easter Egg hunt with incredible prizes to be found:
• Complimentary 2 night stay at a self catering chalet at Angel’s Way Nature Conservation.(For any available dates valid for one year)
• Complimentary Venue hire for any available Friday for a group of 15-20 people. (including the use of the swimming pool)
• One Free DVD with any Tandem Skydive booking.
• One Free still pictures with any Tandem Skydive booking.
• Complimentary Lunch at the in house restaurant.

For the kids:
• Swimming Pool
• Jungle Gym
• Fishing
• Bike trail
• Ample space to just be a kid.

For Mom & Dad: (the following can be arranged on request, bookings essential)
• Outdoor Aromatherapy massage
• Manicure
• Pedicure

Tandem Jumps available all day R1450.00..... DVD of your jump R400
Package includes the following:
• Tandem briefing by a qualified tandem master.
• Tandem Master's Fee.
• Joy ride to altitude overlooking the great Umbumbulu Mountain Range.
• Equipment Hire
• Packing Fee
• Certificate to show off with your friends!

Skydive courses..
Static line or Accelarated free fall.. Specials running on the Saturday of every month.....
Call 072 214 6040 for details..

Find a Skydive Operator in South Africa at

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Boundless Action at Skydive Rustenburg

Picture a bunch of happy, crazy people enjoying boundless action, fun and busyness. That sums up the crowd at Skydive Rustenburg. Never a dull moment, always something exciting happening.

If you happen to arrive and find it is dead, you can be sure the party has just been moved to another venue because the Rustenburg Skydive crowd are so wired into what is hot and happening that wherever they are is where the action is at!

Saturday 5th March at Tswaing, a 2 000 ha Nature Reserve, World Heritage and site of one of the Best Preserved (220 000 Year Old) Meteorite Impact Craters in the World, 40km North West of Central Pretoria it is the Tswaing Crater Gathering which is all about music, lights and fire dancers and serious rumours that aliens may fall out of the sky on Saturday evening aka Rustenburg Skydivers!

Then for the long weekend at the end of April you can look forward to The Smoking Dragon Women’s Music Festival, 29th April to 2nd May with a SkyDiving Boogie near Woodstock Dam at Amphitheatre Backpackers Lodge!

Then besides all the weird stuff mentioned above the usual tandem dives, training and Sports SkyDivers will be in action this weekend at Skydive Rustenburg and good news for you, visitors are welcome! For other wonderous weekend pursuits visit

“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.” Aldous Huxley - Vedanta for the Western World, 1945

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wakeboard Action at Emanzini Country Resort

On behalf of The South African Wakeboard Association, we have great pleasure in announcing the Ronix SA Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop 3 in Collaboration with Mastercraft Boats and hosted by the Emanzini Country Resort, Vrede, Eastern Free State being held on the 11, 12 and 13 March 2011.

Just under two hours from Johannesburg, Emanzini Country Resort is the perfect holiday and weekend getaway destination. Set in the rolling grasslands of the Eastern Free State, the Resort has spectacular views of neighbouring farms and the Langberg Mountains. At the confluence of two spruits, the 49-year-old dam is the creator of a wetland that now hosts a large variety of birdlife.

Vrede is a scenic little town with an imposing sandstone church. The town lies in the North-Eastern Free State about 20km east of the N3, close to the Mpumalanga border. The town was established in 1863 by European landowners of this area. Vrede is surrounded by undulating, Highveld hills in the spine of the Drakensberg.

The town is equipped with all the basic requirements including an excellent SPAR bakery and a good selection of meat at reasonable prices. In fact, all prices of most commodities in the town seem to be reasonable! The banks have 24 hour ATM's and the folk are friendly and helpful. Vrede and the surrounding area is a rewarding tourist destination.

The weekend starting 11 March 2010 is a good time to visit Emanzini Country Resort if you enjoy adventure activities and especially wakeboarding!