Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Defy Gravity with Air to Air Africa

The first time man defied the laws of gravity in a hot air balloon was in 1783. From this time on it has been one of the adventure activities on many peoples must do list. This simple form of flight has not changed much in all this time. Air to Air Africa fly 3 commercial balloons. The traditional wicker baskets can carry 8 , 12 and 16 passengers. These baskets are weight related depending on the cubic capacity of their envelopes and for this reason booking well in advance is essential.

Balloons require stable air conditions and for this reason flights take place at sunrise. Passengers meet for tea and coffee 30 minutes before take off. Most of the flights take place from Lake Herritage on Heia Safari ‘s Property and a private game ranch on the Crocodile River in the Kromdraai Conservancy also known as the Cradle of Humankind, approximately 35km from Johannesburg. As all the balloons are on trailers these can be moved to a destination of your choice for larger groups.

You don’t need to be physically fit to stand for an hour while you float along at tree top height and you may get to pick a leaf from the top of a tree, or speak to passers by who have stop to take a picture of you as you drift along in relative silence. That is until the pilot burns to maintain heat in the envelope and keep the balloon in flight. Tranquil and calming are the word that most describe the experience.

Balloons move with the wind and therefore where you land no one knows. Not even the Pilot can tell you prior to flight. Each flight is different and the ground crews job is to find the balloon on landing. As tradition dictates, the landing is celebrated with a glass of Champagne and /or orange juice. You are then whisked away in the retrieval vehicle and taken for a well deserved breakfast. Air to Air Africa will then present you with a certificate to remember the day you defied the law of gravity.

Flights take place at sunrise daily, and this a wonderful gift to receive or a romantic way to celebrate that special event, be it a birthday, engagement and anniversary. For a corporate function or team building experience or even to launch a new product. Air to Air Africa can place your company banner around the balloons.

For more information call +27804 602 3491 to book your adventure with Sheree. To find a balloon operator nearby visit www.adventureescapades.co.za.

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