Sunday, 27 March 2011

Internships at White Shark Africa

We had have lots of browsers showing interest in South African Shark adventures and decided to share more about what WHITE SHARK AFRICA offer for interns.

They cater for internships of up to 6 months duration. Interns are taught a more in-depth approach to not only research and data collection, but also from the commercial aspect of eco tourism and conservation.
They only take two interns per 6 month period.

If you chose to do an internship your first month will follow the structure of the original programme. After this month features of the intern programme, dependent on duration of stay, will include:
Seamanship skills.
Learning to pilot a tagging vessel with the option to complete a skippers course at own cost.
Data collecting and collating.
Liaising with local authorities, fisherman and schools with regards to conservation.
Helping with the day-to-day running of the programme including leading and supervising students.
Hands on experience with eco tourism.
Learning to give lectures on sharks to small groups.

They have conducted research over the last 15 years in the Atlantic region of South Africa.

Their project is conducted in the Indian Ocean to ascertain the different behaviour aspects of Great White Sharks in these warmer waters.

The tagging aspect of the programme and internship will be to ascertain the different species and numbers of those individual species with a view to conservation measures necessary for their survival.

The prices for the programme and internships are as follows:
1 Month costs £1100 (includes 25 day programme. Subsequent months as per internships)
2 Months costs £2000
3 Months costs £2900
4 Months costs £3600
5 Months costs £4400
6th Month: free only if the full 6 months is required.

NOTE the British pound to Rand exchange rate as at 26th March 2011 was R11.09 per one pound.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact WHITE SHARK AFRICA. Find a shark experience near you at

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