Thursday, 17 March 2011

What Adventurers Want

We have had our ears to the ground gleaning the information to establish what adventurers want and we have listened! We have take action! Three new showcases have been added to our popular HOME PAGE which will be where adventurers will find exactly what they have been asking for!!!

If you have a favourite local supplier of flippers, health supplements, sunscreen, kayaks or backpacks or any of the many necessities adventurers require, advertise these products in our new ADVENTURE BITS category! Your products will be found online fast!

Do you put together adventure escapades of note? Our browsers are looking for these in all areas of South Africa, they are the 'work hard, play hard' people you want to hook up with. Advertise your tour guide skills, travel agency or tour planning service in our ADVENTURE TOURS category and receive the attention you deserve from people who will truly appreciate your skills, all at affordable rates!

Even fit and healthy okes need a good nights sleep, they may want to be up at 5am to catch the big fish or climb the highest peak but rest is essential to prepare them to achieve these mighty feats. If you have an comfortable venue which is located nearby a popular adventure venue, this is a great opportunity for you to promote what you have to the right market. Get listed in our ADVENTURE STAYS category today!

Are sirens are going off in your head? Hearing bells ringing? That is because we have what you want. Talk to us today!!!

Call 086 110 6638 or email fast!

You will not believe how much can do for your business for so little! We will find a platform online to put your business in the adventure spotlight at a price tag that will keep you smiling 24/7. We know what adventurers want! Our gift to you is the tool to get them into your store, to buy what you have!!!

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