Friday, 1 April 2011

Adventurers Head for Soweto

Looking for adventure? It's easier to find than you'd believe. A hot spot for adventure that is about ready to shine is Soweto!

Soweto is the largest black urban residential community in South Africa with a population of more that a million. A landscape that accommodates many in mansions and matchboxes side by side is buzzing with development, investment and enthusiasm. Besides the cultural attractions of history tours, tenacious shebeens and restaurants with local cuisine you will uncover action venues offering cycling tours, bungee jumping and paintball. There are nightlife options that include song, dance and relaxation. Soweto is making statements in politics, fashion, music, dance, language and adventure.

Two core attractions in Soweto remain Orlando Towers and Lebo's Soweto Backpackers and Cycle Tours. For locals who have did not get to Soweto during the Soccer World Cup and tourists who truly want to feel the pulse of this powerful nation a visit to Soweto is a definite highlight, an action adventure in Soweto in a winner.

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