Thursday, 14 April 2011

High Five for Wild Five Adventure

Last year we introduced you to Zendi, a Durban wife and mom who decided to make being nearly 40 remarkable by taking her first skydive, she jumped and loved it. Zendi shared that she would like to do a big swing next so we chatted to Wild Five at Oribi Gorge, near Margate and they invited Zendi to visit for the experience.

This Saturday dawned bright and beautiful and Zendi spontaneously decided it was a great day for adventure. They headed down from Durban for the day and Bryn, Zendi’s younger son who still has to notch up his first skydive, decided to join his Mom and jump into the Oribi Gorge.

This is a mighty big rush, it is a 165m fall into the gorge and they both did it!

Zendi said afterwards, ‘It is better than skydiving!’ She was ready to repeat the swing all over again, straight away!

They were blown away by the expert attention given by Richard their jump technician, he explained each aspect of the big swing in detail and clearly highlighted the safety information. Wild Five also offer bungy jumping.

Zendi has given this experience a whopping12 out of 10! As to what is next, we'll all be waiting to hear.

Contact Wild Five to book your exciting holiday adventure today or visit, it is a great place to shop for activities in South Africa!

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