Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ceres Zipslide Adventures

Ceres Zipslide Adventures have a bonus for you this WINTER! We know you are dying to find out what it is but did you know that CERES is also a planet? The smallest identified dwarf planet in the solar system in fact! While we are not able to hook you up with the activity operators on this supposedly icy sphere yet, as soon as possible we will make sure all the details are available at

Enough waffling, has your excited sense of anticipation reached it's peak? Ceres is of course best known for fruit and the juice produced from it's bountiful valley. Now for a little commercial break...hah only kidding!

The great Winter Special available at Ceres Zipslide Adventures is a massive 20% discount. That is correct Twenty Percent off your zipslide fee all through winter. If this does not get you off the sofa and out for an adventure nothing will.

PLUS there have already been snowfalls on their nearby peaks so you could be viewing some bright snowy vistas as you zip along!

Book, pay and slide before the end of August to enjoy this generous offer. Remember to tell those friendly guys at Ceres Zipslide Advetures that you heard about it from, South Africa's biggest online adventure shop!

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