Thursday, 28 July 2011

25% OFF at Hakuna Matata Charters

Cruising with Hakuna Matata Charters is ideal for a fun hour the whole family young and old can . Our trips out to sea are often honoured by the whales, dolphins and birdlife. You can even take along your own picnic baskets to extend the leisure of the outing.

Hakuna Matata Charters also offer deep sea fishing charters for bottom fishing (reds, rockhards, Englishmen and soldiers ect.) or game fishing (dorado, sailfish, marlin and cuta ect.) Their boats are rigged for Big game fishing and have top notch equipment. Hakuna Matata Charters supply all bait, tackle and rods so all you bring is your own fishing licence.

There is more too!Corporate Functions, Wedding, Parties, Bulls / Hens Parties, Team Building, Alternative Meetings and Product Launches. Schools can book for the educational tour. Plus you will get a 25% discount so go ahead and book today!

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Extreme Weather brings Adventures

South Africa is experiencing widespread rain, snow in areas and rough seas. A ship has run aground and many have been isolated by flooding and snow. Roads are blocked and many more are becoming impassable, so before you head out to make snow angels get advice on your route and drive safely.

The Marketing Manager at Tranquility Lodge had to kayak from his home to his car today. The floodwater is half way up his braai.

Some people get lemons and make lemonade, here in South Africa we find the adventure in adverse situations.

Thanks to Tranquility Lodge's Marketing Manager for sharing!

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Elandskloof Trout Festival

Get ready it is the annual Elandskloof Trout Festival on the 20th August 2011 so practice your fly tying and casting, this may be your year to win one of the many fantastic prizes available.

Contact Elandskloof for more details right here!

You can look forward to exhibitions of fly tying and casting demonstrations. This is a popular event so make your plans to be there today or you could miss out. The event begins bright and early so it'll be more fun to get to Dullstroom the day before. has details of fly fishing venues around South Africa.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Happy Birthday Adventure Escapades

This is our 5th birthday! For five years Adventure Escapades has been sourcing a variety of adventure activities for South Africans and visitors to our great country. It has been loads of fun and in the last year we have set ourselves up to offer you even more!

Take a look at the three new categories namely Adventure Tours, Adventure Bits and Adventure Stays for all those little extras the adventurer needs to maximise his or her fun. We'll hook you up with a tour guide or operator, those accessories to keep you comfortable and protected and a place to stay near to your adventure zone.

There is so much more interaction available for our browsers!

If you have discovered a favourite shop, backpackers lodge or boat builder along your travels as you chase activities around South Africa, send us their details plus if you would like to be famous for a day attach a photo of yourself at your recommended spot and we will publish it!

It is all about you having maximum fun and enjoying each day as much as we at are enjoying our 5th birthday!

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dullstroom Bird of Prey Centre is a Raptor Adventure

Dullstroom Bird Of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre, established in 1997, aims to educate the public in order to promote an awareness of the raptor species and their plight as a growing endangered species.

We are extensively involved in promoting the well-being of this awesome species.

Public support of our efforts is invaluable and we truly appreciate with gratitude any form of help we receive.

We hope that by transferring understanding of the raptors plight we will reduce the persecution of these birds which is a happening globally.

Release programme

Over the years we have been quite successful in our rehabilitation programme through which we heal birds and get them bird back into their natural habitat.

This is not as easy as it sounds and requires time and patience.

To achieve this we use two methods:

1. Falconry, where we actively hunt with the bird and get it to hunt for us. Once the bird shows that it is fit by successfully hunting with us then it is usually ready to fend for itself in the wild and is released.

2. Hacking Back is a method which involves leaving a healthy but unfit bird in an aviary for a few weeks to get used to its surroundings.

The aviary is then left open to let the bird out in its own time to go and hunt.

An unfit bird usually does not catch anything on the first few attempts and returns to the aviary to get its daily food ration.

The process is repeated until one day the bird is able to hunt and fend for itself and no longer returns.

Visit Dullstroom Bird Of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre when you are in Mpumalanga again for a raptor adventure. Feel the air move as they swoop just over your head!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Quad Garden Route 10% Discount

Quad Garden Route are based in George, Western Cape and have a great 10% off discount to give you from the 18th July 2011, that is Monday. Here are some of the different routes to choose from…

You have three introductory type routes to choose from (30 minutes - 2 hours):

The short Introductory Route: +- 4 km (+-30 minutes) - R150 pp
The Adventure Route: 9.1 km (+-60 minutes) - R250pp
The Adventure Challenge Route: +-14 km (+-90-120 minutes) - R350pp

Our longer Day Quad Adventures (+-3hrs) - Includes a light meal and refreshments

Ride on a Private Eco Game Reserve: Eco Game Trail (+-3 hours) - R750pp
Enjoy the historic Montagu Pass Quad Adventure (+-3 hours) - R650pp
NEW Louvain Quad Adventure: Quad Bike through the forest and mountains where Indigenous fynbos and busman cave-paintings may be found. From the summit of Duiwelsberg the Knysna Heads can be seen on clear day (+ 3 hours) - R750pp

Quad Garden Route will give you a 10% discount from the 18th of July till 1 August book early.

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