Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Adventure Peaks with Advantage Tours

Advantage Tours have shared that although most people July and August is peak season for whale watching but what they’d like you to remember is that the peak mother and calf whale season is now in September, October and November. Now you know, the joys of spring have a far reaching effect, even out at sea miles from the flowers and pollen us land lovers associate with the season!

It is getting hot so bring additional sun block lotion, as the rays out on the boat, on the water can really turn you painfully pink, fast.

Besides the massive attraction, excuse the pun but that was irresistible, of whale activity to be seen, Advantage Tours offer Hippopotamus and Crocodile tours which depart daily at 10h00, 12h00, 14h00 and 16h00. Sightings include Hippo pods and great bird watching is frequently enjoyed. On this tour clients should always ensure they bring along a camera, as the photo opportunities are abundant.

Enjoy the peaks of adventure with Advantage Tours and if you’re looking for an adventure activity closer to home, discover the best at www.AdventureEscapades.co.za

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mapatiza Mine Tour is a Mining Adventure

Enjoy a Mining Adventure at Mapatiza Mine Tour.

The thrill of digging precious stones out from deep in the earth holds massive fascination for everyone, see how it is done with a Mapatize Mine Tour in Midrand. Here you, your family, friends or school group will enjoy short informative tours which are also popular with foreign tourists.

Get to see a wide variety of African gemstones as they are cobbed, sorted and polished. follow their journey to the outside mine-run, delight in the viewing of colourful underground chambers and passages.

Mapatiza Mine Tours ensure that each group is accompanied by their trained guides.

After the talk and tour kids will want to experience a tactile adventure in the Gemstone Scratch Patch for Kids at Mapatiza Mine Tour. While their senses are entertained with the cacophony of colour and shapes parents, teacher or grandparents can relax and chat over a cappuccino in the open air coffee shop.

Mapatiza Mine Tour are open for you to have a mining adventure from Monday to Saturday 08h00 to 16h00 and 09h00 until 13h00 on Sunday or Public holidays.

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Champagne Valley Adventure Zone Rocks

The magnificent mountains in the Drakensberg attract many tourists and holidaymakers, but did you know that besides hiking and mountaineering there are a horde of other adventurous outdoor activities available? In the Central Drakensberg, the Champagne Valley adventure zone rocks!

For the family a visit to H&D Honey Products is a must. If you are allergic take an anti-histamine along with you. H&D Honey Products have a glass beehive that affords visitors the opportunity of a peep into the secret life of bees. No more secrets! This informative tour will provide you with a whole new sense of respect for these little buzzing creatures, bees are vital to our eco-system.

Also in Champagne Valley you can go quad biking with Berg Quads, zip along a canopy tour with Drakensberg Canopy Tours, go rafting with Four River Adventures and wrap it up with a scenic helicopter flip with Westline.

For those whose appetite for action is still not sated, browse the pages at www.AdventureEscapades.co.za to book other activities in the Champagne Valley adventure zone.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Simple Wild Equestrian Adventures

Enjoy simple wild equestrian adventures when you ride with Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape. This a an area with ancient fossils, good fishing, prolific bird life and lovely beaches.

Feel the ocean spray in the air, the crashing beat of the majestic ocean pounding beside you and the therapeutic tempo of the horse ride. Take a horseback ride on the wild side of life, far away from traffic, worries, technology and deadlines. Escape to a simple life, place of nature, a place that will take you back to the basics. Stop the roundabout daily grind and sample a simple earthy adventure.

The fresh air and invigorating adventure of a horseback experience with Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre is one of many outdoor activities available in the Eastern Cape Province, browse the pages at www.AdventureEscapades.co.za

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Isle of Capri

ISLE OF CAPRI, in KwaZulu-Natal's Durban Harbour, offers cruising, ferry rides and recreational boating trips and tours.

Isle of Capri is a Harbour tour operator and they pride themselves on delivering pleasure on the water through a wide range of services, all of which can be customised to meet your requirements.

Amongst the packages are Educational Tours, Business Cruises, Birthday Parties, Weddings and Fishing Trips.

The daily fun in the sun trips, are made up of hour and half hour cruises, at rates you can’t say no to. Isle of Capri is also well-suited to school group outings.

You can enquire with Isle of Capri right here. Get a close-up view of ships passing through the harbour in Durban, the industrial functions of Durban Harbour are rumoured to be earmarked for a new venue soon, so get there before this opportunity fades in a dusty history book!

AdventureEscapades.co.za have loads more adventure in store, keep browsing and choose an adventure filled future!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Garden Route Adventure

The Garden Route in South Africa's long reign as a rewarding holiday spot, where you will find naturally beautiful yellowwood forests, a notable elephant park, mountains with awesome passes, lakes, and beaches of sand, rock or pebble, has expanded over the years and now includes hot adventure spots!

Right now we are at the beginning of the whale calving season for the endangered Southern Right Whale, this lasts from July up until December. The Garden Route's many bays offer a safe haven for the new whales and you will be very likely to spot whales along the coastline.

Over and above these bountiful natural temptations there are adventures that range from entertaining to heart-stopping.

On the balmier end of the scale Tranquility Lodge offers a Romantic Getaway in Nature's Valley with a spa, walks and some kayaking. In George, Quad Garden Route will safely introduce anyone who is over 9 to a quad bike ride. Raise the bar higher when you take on more thrills at Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours with a fantastic Canopy Tour. White Shark Africa raises the tempo with shark cage diving. Then for something that is considered the ultimate challenge to most people sense of danger try Face Adrenalin's Bungy jump.

Plan your visit to the Garden Route carefully so you can explore the many layers of adventure activities!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Happy Women's Day from Cenuturion Quad Rides

Centurion Quad Rides wish you a Happy Women’s Day tomorrow and they are offering a special just for you!

There will be rides available at 10:30; 13:00 and 14:30 for R300 per person for a 1 hour quad bike trail with drinks on the river bank.

Booking is essential to secure this package with Centurion Quad Rides and this is only available for Women's Day, Tuesday 9th August 2011.

We at AdventureEscapades.co.za also wish you a Happy Women's Day and recommend an outdoor activity to keep you strong and healthy. South African women are strong and successful and have progressed on many levels in the past decades. Feel the girl power!

Book with an activity provider near you and challenge your self to up your game even more. We have a diverse range or Air, Land and Water activity providers spread all around South Africa, let's face it, with the chill winter we are experiencing in most of South Africa most adventures offer a wonderful way to keep warm!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Big Blue Adventure

A whale of a time was had when this surprise big blue adventure occurred. Watch as a 25 metre blue whale surfaces alongside this boat. The whale obligingly shows off its gigantic rear. The paddle boarder who got breathtakingly close to the beautiful giant (see video) really had a grand front row seat in this unexpected marine-life movie house.

Blue whales are the largest mammals on earth and can be 30 metres long, weighing in at almost 200 tons. It is however sternly advised that the closest you should ever get is about 45 metres from a blue whale. Always ensure in South Africa that the vessel you are viewing from has a permit to approach more that 300m from a blue whale.

It has been noted that in the incident you can view above, the whale did not respond in the slightest to the paddle boarders presence.

South Africa is blessed with an extensive coastline providing many opportunities to view whales and dolphin, the prime time on the East Coast being in July when the sardines run.

Book whale watching or another outdoor adventure with one of the many activity providers at AdventureEscapades.co.za

Thank you to GrindTV for the news item and we'd love to receive your footage of the blue whale in South African waters. Share those YouTube links here or on our Facebook wall.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mapatiza Mine Tour Adventure

Mapatiza Mine Tour is an adventure underground that you can enjoy as a school group, corporate group or family.

For years gemstones have fascinated mankind and gemstones have been considered valuable. Stones are used for decor, jewellery and healing. Imagine being able to enter a gemstone pocket mine, you can with Mapatiza Gemstone Mines.

You will have an opportunity to walk across crystal quartz formations, these exude powerful energy fields. See how various gemstones are polished.

Booking for groups is essential. You can book here for a Mapatiza Mine Tour.

For more adventures in the Johannesburg area visit www.AdventureEscapades.co.za where you will find easy access to a multitude of exciting outdoor activities, outdoor adventures and comfy places with or near adventure that will accommodate you when travelling around South Africa in search of thrills!