Friday, 5 August 2011

Big Blue Adventure

A whale of a time was had when this surprise big blue adventure occurred. Watch as a 25 metre blue whale surfaces alongside this boat. The whale obligingly shows off its gigantic rear. The paddle boarder who got breathtakingly close to the beautiful giant (see video) really had a grand front row seat in this unexpected marine-life movie house.

Blue whales are the largest mammals on earth and can be 30 metres long, weighing in at almost 200 tons. It is however sternly advised that the closest you should ever get is about 45 metres from a blue whale. Always ensure in South Africa that the vessel you are viewing from has a permit to approach more that 300m from a blue whale.

It has been noted that in the incident you can view above, the whale did not respond in the slightest to the paddle boarders presence.

South Africa is blessed with an extensive coastline providing many opportunities to view whales and dolphin, the prime time on the East Coast being in July when the sardines run.

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