Thursday, 18 August 2011

Simple Wild Equestrian Adventures

Enjoy simple wild equestrian adventures when you ride with Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape. This a an area with ancient fossils, good fishing, prolific bird life and lovely beaches.

Feel the ocean spray in the air, the crashing beat of the majestic ocean pounding beside you and the therapeutic tempo of the horse ride. Take a horseback ride on the wild side of life, far away from traffic, worries, technology and deadlines. Escape to a simple life, place of nature, a place that will take you back to the basics. Stop the roundabout daily grind and sample a simple earthy adventure.

The fresh air and invigorating adventure of a horseback experience with Ocean Trails Equestrian Centre is one of many outdoor activities available in the Eastern Cape Province, browse the pages at

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